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> What amazing statistics!  What are the different numbers we see here as 
> percentages... let's see... 13%, 25%, 38%, 63%, 88%...
> Wow!  It looks like we have a sample size of EIGHT PEOPLE!  I am now 
> utterly convinced that Aspartame is being used by the Illuminati to bend 
> the population of the world to their evil will!

Interestingly, the normal subjects that were studied at the same time as
the depressed patients showed trends in the data towards improvement in
most of the categories examined and only one of the categories listed
actually showed an unfavorable change.  This appears, on the surface, to be
an overwhelming indication that aspartame may cause numerous benefits for
normal people.  I wonder if this should be tested further before we draw
any conclusions?  For some reason we don't see the favorable information
included by the Illuminati... :-> (smiley included for the humor impaired)

> By the way, an earlier post mentioned this study having TEN people 
> involved... were two omitted from these statistics to make them appear 
> even MORE *ahem* impressive?

They intended to have many more people, but it didn't work out.  However,
they did have very good reasons for eliminating the subjects that were
taken out.  Of course, the worst "side effects" occurred while the subjects
were on placebo.

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