Fax/emails wanted

yhayashi-tky at umin.u-tokyo.ac.jp yhayashi-tky at umin.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Wed Aug 16 06:30:12 EST 1995

> Does anybody have the fax or email numbers for 
> Shigetada Nakanishi of Kyoto University, Dept of Immunology

snakanis at bas2000.phy.med.kyoto-u.ac.jp

The correct name of his institute is;

Institute for Immunology, Kyoto University Faculty of Medicine.

> Masayoshi Mishina, Tokyo University, Dept of Pharmacology
He does not use e-mail.  I can send you Fax No. if you need it.

> Both of whom work on the metabotropic glutamate receptor.

I don't believe that Dr. Mishina works on mGluR.

Hope this helps.

Yasunori Hayashi
Univ. Tokyo

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