Contract Neuronal Staining & Analysis of Dendritic Parameters

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Wed Aug 16 14:13:31 EST 1995

Are You Doing Research in:
      Neurodegenerative Disorders/ Alzheimer's Disease/ Brain Aging?
      Stroke/ Cerebral Ischemia/ Hypoxia?
      Transgenic/ Knockout Mice?
      Neuroplasticity/ Nerve Growth Factors?
      Neurotrauma/ Brain Injury?
      Learning & Memory?
      Apoptosis/ Brain Development?

Are You Developing New Treatment Strategies, Cognitive Enhancers and/or

Do You Want to See How Neurons Are Actually Responding to Disorders and/or
the Benefical Effects of Intervention Strategies????

NeuroMetrix Research, Inc. is a neuroscience contract laboratory which
specializes in Golgi-impregnation staining of neurons and morphometric
analysis of dendritic branching and spines.  Dendrites represent 95% of
the volume of the neuron, but cannot be stained using standard
histological techniques.  Golgi staining allows us to to visualize these
structures in exquisite detail and then follow up with highly quantitative
2-D or 3-D neuronal reconstruction.  Branching analysis, along with
dendritic spine assessment, allows us to precisely define changes in brain
circuitry associated with dendritic atrophy or neuroregeneration. 
These morphological parameters are highly correlated with changes in
learning and memory. We also carry out semi-quantitative and descriptive

Just send us your formalin- or aldehyde-fixed CNS tissue (e.g., brains,
hemispheres, or tissue blocks).  We'll do the rest!!! ---
      -- stain the tissue
      -- prepare coded slides
      -- evaluate neurons from cortex, hippocampus, cerebellum, etc.
      -- prepare a complete statistical analysis with graphs and
discussion of data
      -- provide photomicrographs
      -- prepare a manuscript for publication

Let Us Help You Achieve Your Goals!!!  We offer complete confidentiality
of data and strictly adhere to GLP regulations.

For more information contact:
       Ronald F. Mervis, Ph.D.,     RonMervis at
       NeuroMetrix Research, Inc.
       2109 West Fifth Avenue, Suite B
       Columbus, Ohio 43212
       tel: (614) 486-6080      fax: (614) 486-6020

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