Unethical practices - drug industry

MAIKAI maikai at aol.com
Tue Aug 15 23:22:44 EST 1995

>>But, every second year pharmacy student knows not to give a decongestant
to someone with high-blood pressure.<<

I agree.....I DID have the presence of mind to get the records right after
the funeral.....good thing......when the clinic finally called me a month
later (they had mislaid 3 messages----guess they got interested when the
medical examiner started calling them).......at the end of the
conversation, they casually asked if I had copies of the medical records. 
hmmmm.   I asked, "why, are you going to change them now?"  
I also got copies of the drugs the last several years----shows the
dyazide, synthroid, premarin.  No remarks about medical history--but
pharmacist knew about the hypertension.  I think the pharmacy had lousy
record keeping.  The doc had the history right in front of him-----she had
switched to him a few months earlier, when her normal one
retired.......personally, I think he misdiagnosed fluid in the lungs from
possibly a heart dysfunction as bronchitis, and then treated it with a
drug that would really be contraindicated.  She didn't have
bronchitis---just an occasional cough, and "left-sided congestion."  Then
there's the PVC's at the last appt., not investigated.  No chest x-ray or
EKG.  I'm hoping the state takes the proper action.  Problem with
malpractice is, everything gets hushed up!  I think what happened to my
mom is dangerous, and who knows how many others are being harmed.  We
don't need or want any money----just justice from the agencies that are
"suppose to protect the public from harm."  
You're right about the 30 mgs.  My (good) pharmacist said the exact same
thing.  He said the sustained release are crazy in the elderly---they put
too much of the drug in the system------he won't give them to healthy
younger people with hypertension, let alone someone 70.  AT least the
medical examiner FINALLY agreed to file a medwatch report, after a
significant level of the drug was quantified in the blood they had
taken.......I'm pushing them to reopen the "case," since they signed the
death certficate.  

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