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Stephen Maidment spkaslm at
Thu Aug 17 09:34:49 EST 1995

In article <40qv75INNid6 at>, dodell at (Deborah O'Dell) says:
>        I am looking for information on GAP 43, a protein found in
>        developing/regenerating nervous systems.  Specifically, I am
>        looking for an antibody to this protein.  If anyone knows
>        whether one exists, and where it can be obtained, I would
>        greatly appreciate it.
>        Many thanks
>        Deborah

Dear Deborah

Indeed such an antibody exists; it is available from the Sigma Chemical Co,
P.O.Box 14508, St Louis, MO 63178 USA. The product number is G9264 and it is 
derived from a clone called GAP-7B10. We have found that it works best at
1/100 dilution (immunostaining cultured cell monolayers). The reference given 
by the manufacturers is Meiri, K.F., et al. (1991) J.Cell.Biol. Vol 112, 991. 

If you want any general references I'd be happy to e-mail you a list upon request.

Good luck.

Stephen Maidment
Neuropathology Dept
Institute of Psychiatry
London SE5

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