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Wed Aug 16 19:44:42 EST 1995

In article <40qv75INNid6 at> Deborah O'Dell,
dodell at writes:
>ooking for information on GAP 43, a protein found in
>	developing/regenerating nervous systems.  Specifically, I am
>	looking for an antibody to this protein.  If anyone knows
>	whether one exists, and where it can be obtained, I would
>	greatly appreciate it.
>	Many thanks
>	Deborah

Boehringer makes a good monoclonal against GAP-43 which recognises both
phosphorylated and un-phosphorylated form of this protein.
In case you need more detailed info e.mail me, and look for upcoming
paper in Developmental Brain Research 'GAP-43 Expression in the Medulla
of Macaque Monkeys: Changes During Postnatal Development and the effects
of Early Median Nerve Repair' by Jain et al.
A medline search will reveal a wealth of references on this protein.

--neeraj jain

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