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Thu Aug 17 05:34:49 EST 1995

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>         I am looking for information on GAP 43, a protein found in
>         developing/regenerating nervous systems.  Specifically, I am
>         looking for an antibody to this protein.  If anyone knows
>         whether one exists, and where it can be obtained, I would
>         greatly appreciate it.
>         Many thanks
>         Deborah

 Deborah, I know one of 'the' labs that work on GAP 43 and not only have
antibodies but a lot of background knowledge. 
 The address is:
 Rudolf Magnus Instutu for Molecular Neurobiology
Univeristy of Utrecht
Universiteitsweig 100
The Netherlands

The person to ask is Prof. Willem Gispen, he is a friendly chap and will
be helpful. Scan Medline for Gispen as author and you will get a ton of
papers on GAP-43. If you want to talk to a post-grad student instead, try
Maria Gulinello, phone ++31-30-538800 or email M.Gulinello at
She is American and very helpful

 good luck


Christian Holscher, PhD
Trinity College Dublin
Dept. Pharmacol. & Therapeutics

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