Neural Processing Letters Vol.2 No.4

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Neural Processing Letters: new issue Vol.2 No.4

You will find enclosed the table of contents of the July 1995 issue of
"Neural Processing Letters" (Vol.2 No.4).  The abstracts of these papers
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Neural Processing Letters, Vol.2, No.4, July 1995
- Evolving neural networks with iterative learning scheme for associative
  Shigetaka Fujita, Haruhiko Nishimura
- Combining Singular-Spectrum Analysis and neural networks for time series
  F. Lisi, O. Nicolis, Marco Sandri
- A simplified MMC model for the control of an arm with redundant degrees
of freedom
  U. Steinkühler, W.-J. Beyn, H. Cruse
- On the statistical physics of radial basis function networks
  Sean B. Holden, Mahesan Niranjan
- Accelerated training algorithm for feedforward neural networks based on
least squares method
  Y.F.Yam and Tommy W.S.Chow
- On the search for new learning rules for ANNs
  Samy Bengio, Yoshua Bengio, Jocelyn Cloutier

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