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Fri Aug 18 08:56:00 EST 1995

We have recently set up a neuroscience WWW page at Birmingham 
University ( Our purpose is primarily to 
act as an easy means of access to a wide variety of neuroscience sites 
on the Web for all those interested in neuroscience- physicians, 
researchers and patients (as mentioned in the BMJ letters section a 
month or so ago- although the BMJ managed to get our URL wrong). We are 
currently developing some neurological teaching material, including 
on-line assessment, tutorials on various conditions (eg Parkinsons' 
disease) with video clips demonstrating Parkinsonian gait etc. You will 
need a copy of Apple's Quick Time 2.0 to view the video clips. If you 
have a WWW site that you feel should have a link on our page, please 
e-mail me.

Finally, I must emphasize that neither I, nor the other neurologists in 
our department, will engage in direct dealings with individual 
patients. This is NOT because we are being unsympathetic, but if people 
have a problem that they are concerned about, this is best dealt with 
by SEEING a physician locally.

Yours Sincerely

Dr David Nicholl	e-mail: d.j.nicholl at
Research Registrar
Dept of Neurology
Queen Elizabeth Hospital

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