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Fri Aug 18 16:39:22 EST 1995

Just when I was going to propose moving the rest of
this group somewhere else, I log on and see no new
aspartame arguments!  What will we do for amusement?

At the risk of prompting a barrage of tangential
comments, I make the following observation.  Multiple
sclerosis has been well recognized for over a century,
and its epidemiology has been studied intensively since
the 1950s.  There has not been an increase in its 
incidence or prevalence during the past 40 years.  
Do those of you who believe MS is linked to aspartame
care to offer an explanation?  I'd like to think I
have an open mind about this topic, but if this sub-
stance causes MS, or disorders misdiagnosed as MS,
shouldn't there be an increased incidence after the
introduction of aspartame?

If this has already been discussed, please forgive
me for wasting bandwidth.
Tom Bleck    (Thomas P. Bleck, M.D.)   tbleck at
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