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> Hello, Felix.
> You could also check out Jeffrey M. Liebman & Steven J. Cooper, 'The
> Neuropharmacological Basis of Reward' (1989); Oxford University Press
> (ISBN 0-19-852176-6).
> It has plenty on pathways and chemicals, transmitters, and a good bibliography.
> Articles by J.R. Stellar & M.B. Rice on "Neuroanatomical bases of intracranial 
>self-stimulation", "Neuronal basis of intracranial self-stimulation", etc..
>Perhaps time will have made some of this obsolescent, but it's a good starting point.

I forgot to mention that there are some experiments that appear to show that the
*anticipation* of reward is thought by some to be more important than the appreciation
of reward.  The data and methodology are/where somewhat controversial, and involve
using a destructive 'sawtooth' current in the region of the nucleus accumbens.
This is done at the same time as exposing male rats to female rats in estrus,
and then making the female rats 'available', measuring the activity in both conditions.
As I am just about to go to work I haven't time to think about the references.  If I
can find them I will post them to this thread.

As I say this may be somewhat controversial.  I briefly met some people involved in
this method, and they seemed fairly pukka.


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