Alan Watts watts at
Sat Aug 19 14:45:16 EST 1995

In reply to tpb9k at (Thomas P. Bleck):

>Just when I was going to propose moving the rest of
>this group somewhere else, I log on and see no new
>aspartame arguments!  What will we do for amusement?

>At the risk of prompting a barrage of tangential
>comments, I make the following observation.  Multiple
>sclerosis has been well recognized for over a century,
>and its epidemiology has been studied intensively since ...


Thank you Tom for some sanity. I recently checked into this newsgroup 
after a 3 week or so absence, and had to wade through a lot of hopeless 
argument. Perhaps we should set up a splinter group for Betty and her 

Alan Watts 

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