Wanted: Physiology software for teaching

Edgardo A. Martorell emartore at students.wisc.edu
Sat Aug 19 15:27:11 EST 1995

*Attention:  This is my third posted article regarding this topic.
Thank you to everyone who replied with information to my first and
second posting.


	I am a student working for Dr. Barry Bavister, proffesor of physiology
at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Dr. Bavister is looking for a
animated physiology software or CDROM that can be used as a
supplementary addition in teaching an intermediate college level
physiology course.

We are thinking of programs illustrating animations of:

	1.  Nerve impulse conduction, flow of ions through membrane
                        (resting and action potential), synapes, etc.
	2.  Feedback control loops
	3.  Muscle contraction
	4. homeostasis
	5. endocrinology
	6. blood glucose regulation
	7. Cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary system, etc.

Please, let me know about info regarding any biology/physiology
programs available comercially or currently being used in other
educational institutions.

Thank you for your attention

Edgar A. Martorell
265 Langdon St. #405
Madison, WI 53703

emartore at students.wisc.edu


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