Spinal Regeneration (was - What ? Shark fetal transplants)

Mike Thomas miket at rmtmhs.demon.co.uk
Sun Aug 20 20:54:08 EST 1995

Ricardo Ramos posted information he received on spinal cord
regeneration being undertaken in Mexico and Dr. Wise Young made some
comments and questioned the validity of the techniques.

On the 'Cure Paralysis Now?' Web server, there is a copy of a letter 
from the 'International Head & Spinal Injury Center' describing their 
treatment and a description of 4 of their patients.

http://www.infowest.com/cpn  (In the 'What's New' section)

The technique involves 'reconstructive micro surgery' on the spinal 
column and, during this, 'embryionic cell transplants'. Use of a nerve 
growth factor does seem to be involved.

The 4 patients described have made significant post operative recovery 
of function (well after the initial trauma).

Does anyone know if these techniques have a sound scientific background 
and are there any papers supporting them?

I'm writing as an interested paraplegic with a scientific background who 
is *very* skeptical of the claims made in this letter.

Any pointers to research papers, clinical trials or anything else 
welcome (I am aware of the work of Schwab et al. in the field of NGF)

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