Severe Daily Headaches, Help Please

Barbara Truax matrix3 at
Mon Aug 21 15:19:04 EST 1995

Daily Migraine Headaches- Please Help

Please help me.  I was involved in a rear-end collision about 4 years
ago.  I had slight movement of C1 and C2 spine.  The spine moved back,
but I have been having daily migraine headaches ever since.  

The pain starts at in the C1 / C2 area and moves across the head until
finally resting behind the eyes.  Some days are worst than others, but
these headaches are ALWAYS present.  On bad days, my vision is impaired
to the 
point that I feel I am losing sight.  Some days I can barely function. 

I have seen three neurosurgeons, but neither could help.  One told me
that I may have POST TRAUMATIC MIGRAINES.  They found that I was
definitely in pain and it looked PERMANENT, but couldn’t pinpoint a

If anyone has had treatment for a similar problem or has any
information I could use for help, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank You,

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