Anything on Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

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Just for the (ever expanding) record, and in response to queries in 
some recent posts,  I planted the seed for this lively and oftentimes heated 
discussion when I made the original post concerning CJD.  Actually, it was in 
in reply to a request from my sister seeking to determine what caused a rapid 
onset of dementia and muscular problems in my mother.  (The cause appears 
*not* to have been CJD, and my sister and I have to chuckle when we speak of 
how her question has incited such a heated world-wide debate.)

I must admit, I've gotten quite a kick watching this ongoing debate, which 
from a layman's standpoint at least seems to have little to do with CJD at 

By the way, I had never heard of CJD the night before posting my inquiry.  I 
still don't know much about it, but rest assured I am better informed 
than most geologists on recent developments in the growth-hormone debate.  

If the post was inappropriate for this group, please accept my belated 
apologies.  It may rank among the more disruptive spams of all time.



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