Severe Daily Headaches, Help Please

Betty Martini betty at
Mon Aug 21 15:52:41 EST 1995

Dear Mark:  I know what you're going through.  When I was in a horrible 
accident and bedridden with cervical neck pain and headaches I thought 
because of my medical background I could get well.  My headaches  went on
weeks at a time.  Pain clinics told me to learn to live with it.  The 
pain was so bad even pain pills helped very little.

As far as I know there is only one cure for chronic pain and that is 
prolotherapy.  The physician that has taught physicians all over the 
world how to do it is Dr. Gustav Hemwall in Oak Park, Illinois.  He's 
probably in his early 90's today and his patients won't let him retire.
He still gives seminars, in fact, the next one in September.  I don't 
think its in Illinois, however, but he can tell you.  He can probably 
also give the name of a prolotherapist in your city.  I have sent 100's 
of patients to him, many of them bedridden for years - many of them who 
suffered migraines.  He has an 85% cure rate.  Every patient I have ever 
sent him who suffered from migraines were cured.  You don't have typical 
migraines, I don't believe.  They came from your accident.  

Also, remember not to use NutraSweet.  Even CDC admitted that when 
aspartame was approved there was a 40% increase in migraines.  It comes 
from the methanol (wood alcohol) in it although every component of this 
chemical poison is bad.  The two amino acids, both neurotoxic, aspartic 
acid and phenylalanine without the other amino acids in protein go past 
the blood brain barrier and deteriorate the neurons of the brain.  Avoid 
it like the plague, and the patent has expired and its in 5000 products 
including baked goods.  If you are using this in any form it will 
compound your problem.  I'll send you instructions to the auto-responder 
and you can read about it.  You may also have a problem with memory loss
with your problem and doctors refer to it as Barrieu Lu Syndrome - Dr. 
Hemwall's treatment eliminates it in no time.  

Somewhere I have a post where I explained this procedure to an 
orthopedist who inquired.  When I find it I'll email it to you.  In all 
the years I have been referring people to Dr. Hemwall they have either 
been cured or at least 75% improved.  I feel confident in telling you 
that in time you will be well again.  

It depends on how serious the injury is as to how many treatments it takes.
Dr. Hemwall said I had to be the worst neck injury patient he had ever 
had to treatment.  The ligaments and tendons had been ripped and physical 
therapy had massaged away what was left until they made me a custom brace 
to hold up my head.  Referred pain in my arms was so bad I could not 
pick-up even a purse, and at times could not even open a door.  Believe 
me I know what you are going through.

Betty Martini
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On 21 Aug 1995, Barbara Truax wrote:

> Daily Migraine Headaches- Please Help
> Please help me.  I was involved in a rear-end collision about 4 years
> ago.  I had slight movement of C1 and C2 spine.  The spine moved back,
> but I have been having daily migraine headaches ever since.  
> The pain starts at in the C1 / C2 area and moves across the head until
> finally resting behind the eyes.  Some days are worst than others, but
> these headaches are ALWAYS present.  On bad days, my vision is impaired
> to the 
> point that I feel I am losing sight.  Some days I can barely function. 
> I have seen three neurosurgeons, but neither could help.  One told me
> that I may have POST TRAUMATIC MIGRAINES.  They found that I was
> definitely in pain and it looked PERMANENT, but couldn’t pinpoint a
> cause.
> If anyone has had treatment for a similar problem or has any
> information I could use for help, it would be greatly appreciated. 
> Thank You,
> Mark
> MAIL:  matrix3 at

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