gating of movement-related neural activity ?

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Mon Aug 21 17:29:53 EST 1995

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: Andrew R. Mitz (arm at helix) wrote:

: : The main problem here is that it is unclear if a rat has a premotor
: : cortex (PM).  Activity in monkey PM is often related to an upcoming 

: Furthermore, I do not understand why the use of the rat is a "problem". 
: Why must the animal have a premotor cortex akin to the macaque monkey to
: exhibit neural activity in relation to motor preparation ?  Does anyone
: know if the nervous systems of invertebrates or lower vertebrates show
: alterations in neural activity in preparation for movement ?

Sorry.  This time I was unclear.  The problem is assessing homologus
fields, not that the rat itself is a problematic model.

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