Marsupialization thru commisurotomy

kevin k-mckenna at
Tue Aug 22 08:52:13 EST 1995

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  > Hello, all!
  >             The problem is naming the sole cut of
  > the callosum, respecting indemnity of the an-
  > terior and posterior commisures (so as to avoid a
  > full split-brain). Naming it "marsupialization" could
  > be of help? 

In article <41bacs$i7q at>, sethbh at (Seth BH) wrote:

  > Alright, I'll play the straight person.  Why "marsupialization?"  The term
  > merely makes me think of pouches, lissencephaly and eucalyptus... 
  > Enlighten please.
Marsupials have no corpus callosum. However, I think (but I may be wrong)
that this reflects their highly undeveloped neocortex. So I don't think
that cutting the callosum in an animal with a well-developed neocortex is
analogous to "marsupializing" it. Seems like the appropriate term (but a
little unwieldy on the tongue) is callosotomy.

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