MFB - medial forebrain bundle

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Tue Aug 22 16:20:29 EST 1995

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> I forgot to mention that there are some experiments that appear to show that the
> *anticipation* of reward is thought by some to be more important than the appreciation
> of reward.  The data and methodology are/where somewhat controversial, and involve
> using a destructive 'sawtooth' current in the region of the nucleus accumbens.
> This is done at the same time as exposing male rats to female rats in estrus,
> and then making the female rats 'available', measuring the activity in both conditions.
> As I am just about to go to work I haven't time to think about the references.  If I
> can find them I will post them to this thread.
> As I say this may be somewhat controversial.  I briefly met some people involved in
> this method, and they seemed fairly pukka.

The technique is known as 'voltammetry'.  A neurophysiologist colleague of mine in
UCL (London) can only spit when it is mentioned!


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