Tourrett's Syndrome Research Study

Keith Bazarnick 76516.623 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Aug 23 09:56:54 EST 1995

                      Tourrette's Syndrome Study

	If you or someone you love has Tourrette's Syndrome, and 
wish to be a part of a front running study--working with a 
Research Physician--please respond with your intent to 
participate. All ages are welcome.
	What would you get out of it? A chance to find healing, 
balancing tools for self-healing. 
	What do we get out of it? A chance to define patterns 
amonst individuals and work to provide balancing activities to 
assist with the patient's well-being. 
	These self-healing tools include things that you do 
now--but you could learn a new intentional focus.
	So if you are interested, please respond with below 
information for the affected individual:
	o Name of subject
	o Internet address of contact person
	o Is subject Male or Female?
        o Subject Birthdate  - Day, Month, Year
We need to find 20 participants, and then the data crunching gets 

thank you
Susan (the Dr's Assistant and computer semi-literate)
RSVP to 76516.623 at

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