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Penny Wung Burgoon pburgoon at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Tue Aug 22 18:56:18 EST 1995

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    Does anyone have experience with David Kopf vertical pipette puller?
> I use a model 720 with a nichrome heating coil, but the coil always
changes its
> shape after several heatings so it's impossible to get the right
electrdes. I'm
> doing two-stage pulling to do whole-cell patch clamp.

We have the exact same problem with our Kopf puller. Our phone call to
Kopf last week provided us with the following answer: they can't do
anything about this problem! Apparently, the company that makes the
nichrome coils has been making these coils for years. Kopf is very
familiar with the problem but can do nothing about providing nichrome
coils which will be lean-over free. The only thing they could do for us
was to send us a new batch of coils in the hopes that this particular lot
wouldn't be prone to this problem. However, there's no guarantee since it
comes from the same old company.

Penny Wung Burgoon
pburgoon at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu

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