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Dear Doctor Young:  Mission Possible is a volunteer force in 50 states
that distributes a warning flyer that NutraSweet is a neurotoxin
worldwide.  On the reverse side it gives the authorities and publications. 
It also lists a few of the 92 documented symptoms attributed to aspartame
by the FDA, which incidently goes from coma to death.  The FDA in April,
l995 listed over 10,000 complaints on NutraSweet, from almost 500 cases of
seizures and convulsions and memory loss to poor equilibrium and vision

Understand that many of us have done years of research, we've read all the
books we can find on the subject, we've read the history and know about
all the sell-outs and side switching, and we know about all the studies. 
And we deal with the people and take case histories.  We see the nightmare
they are living  and their tears, and we hear their terror!  We know
aspartame was approved over great protest, especially by senior FDA
investigators, and that Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes, head of the FDA, approved
it over a board of inquiry's protests that it shouldn't be approved
because of the seizures and brain tumors.  Incidently, it also produced in
lab animals malignant mammary tumors, ovarian tumors, etc.  The Board of
Inquiry was convened because of the opposition!  Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes
then went to work for Searle's Public Relations' firm! 

We know the tests were so flawed that U.S. Attorney Sam Skinner was asked 
to indict Searle but instead went to work for Searle's law firm defending 
the case!  As did the U.S. Attorney that came after him (Conlon).  We 
know  aspartame was intended to be a drug and was discovered by a 
Searle chemist testing a peptic ulcer drug!  We also know  aspartame 
is a chemical poison and people are dying from it.

Monsanto has deep pockets.  They give a lot of money to Congress.  They 
fund the American Diabetic Assn. (extremely hazardous to the health of 
diabetics), and the American Dietetics Assn., and these dietitians 
endorse this poison not only for diabetics but even pregnant women.  Is 
this not a crime?!  The dietitians are Monsanto's media flaks! They 
openly admit that NutraSweet assists them in writing the fact sheets!

.  The FDA violates its own laws, especially the Delaney Amendment.  The
late Dr. Adrian Gross, FDA toxicologist, spoke out against aspartame in
the August 1, 1985 Congressional Record.  Gross, who took part in on-site
investigations at Searle laboratories said the studies carried out by
Searle to show the safety of aspartame were "to a large extent
unreliable."  He said: "at least one of those studies has established
beyond any reasonable doubt that aspartame is capable of inducing brain
tumors in experimental animals and that this is of extremely high

Dr. Gross went on to say: "In view of these indications that the cancer 
causing potential of aspartame is a matter that had been established way 
beyond any reasonable doubt, one can ask: What is the reason for the 
apparent refusal by the FDA to invoke for this food additive the 
so-called Delaney Amendment to the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act?"

The Delaney Amendment makes it illegal to allow any residues of cancer 
causing chemicals in foods.  In his concluding testimony Gross asked, 
"Given the cancer causing potential of aspartame how would the FDA 
justify its position that it views a certain amount of aspartame as 
constituting an allowable daily intake or 'safe' level of it?  Is that 
position in effect not equivalent to setting a 'tolerance' for this food 
additive and thus a violation of that law?  AND IF THE FDA ITSELF ELECTS 

So you see, the people have no protector!  Furthermore, in June of 1995 
in Food Chemical Foods the FDA announced it will no longer compile 
complaints on aspartame!  

In 1985 when Dr. Gross testified before Congress there was concern about 
getting too much aspartame because of its lethal affects, but remember 
back then it was in only about 300 products.  There was testimony again in
l987 when it was in about 600 products.  Today the patent has expired and
its in over 5000 products and climbing! Monsanto bought Searle in 1985.

The Congressional Record of May 7, 1985 goes into the 30 page protest of 
the National Soft Drink Assn. who stated that Searle used the wrong test, 
(would not even pick-up aspartic acid) when the right one was available, 
tested in the wrong solution, didn't test for breakdown products (a 
witches brew - formaldehyde, formic acid (ant sting poison) and DKP - a 
brain tumor agent) and didn't test for temperature elevation.  At 86 
degrees aspartame liberates methanol in the can!  In your body it becomes 
formaldehyde!  After going into great technical detail about the dangers
of putting this product in soft drinks the National Soft Drink Assn. 
switched sides and lobbied for NutraSweet.  The tests never changed and 
we might ask why did the National Soft Drink Association?

If you're asking me if I tell people to get off of aspartame - you better 
believe it, and so do thousands of others all over the globe that are 
part of this volunteer force.

We not only warn people but we take their case histories after they have 
taken the "no aspartame test" and have returned to normal health - if we 
got them in time.

Furthermore, prior to the warning flyers most people didn't associate 
their neurological problems and diseases with aspartame.  But with the 
diseases aspartame triggers listed, and many of the common symptoms outlined,
people are alerted.  Here are symptoms the FDA attributed to aspartame on 
their 1993 report:

Headache, dizziness or problems with balance, change in mood quality or 
level, vomiting and nausea, abdominal pain and cramps, change in vision, 
diarrhea, seizures and convulsions, memory loss, fatigue, weakness, other 
neurological, rash, sleep problems, grand mal seizures, hives, change in 
heart rate, change in sensation (numbness, tingling), itching, change in 
menstrual pattern, change in activity level, difficulty breathing, local 
swelling, other, oral sensory changes, other urogenital, other skin, 
localized pain and tenderness, other metabolic, change in body 
temperature, difficulty swallowing, speech impairment, other 
gastrointestinal, chest pain, joint and bone pain, other muscul-skeletal, 
fainting, other cardiovascular, sore throat, other respiratory, change in 
taste, edema, change in hearing, difficulty with urination, change in 
perspiration pattern, unspecific, change in urine volume, petit mal 
seizures, abdominal swelling, change in appetite, change in body weight, 
nocturnal, change in saliva output, change in thirst or water intake, 
unconsciousness and coma, muscle tremors, eye irritation, other extremity 
pain, constipation, unsteady gait, wheezing, coughing, problems with 
bleeding, blood glucose disorders, change in skin and nail coloration, 
change in hair or nails, simple partial seizures, blood pressure changes, 
excessive phlegm production, sinus problems, shortness of breath on exertion,
evidence of blood in stool or vomit, lumps present, hallucinations, 
dysmenorrhea, dental problems, DEATH, complex partial seizures, swollen 
lymph nodes, change in smell, other blood and lymphatic, eczema, 
hematuria, shortness of breath due to position, difficulties with 
pregnancy, (children only) development retardation, change in breast size 
or tenderness, anemia, change in sexual function, shock, conjunctivitis, 
dilating eyes, febrile.

Nice little sweetener - causes everything from coma to death! If this 
were a drug (which in reality it is) do you know how quickly it would 
have been taken off the market?  Remember that phenylalanine  in 
aspartame is a precursor to dopamine!  You should see how a Parkinson's 
patient reacts on NutraSweet!  I have!  Aspartame changes the dopamine level!

Dr. H. J. Roberts, author of books on aspartame, just brought up-to-date 
some audio tapes titled:  IS ASPARTAME SAFE? a medical, public health 
legal overview.  I recommend them highly.  It also goes into multiple
sclerosis which was the topic of this recent discussion.  He mentions 
a physician should wait until a patient is off aspartame several months 
before making a diagnosis of MS.  Personally, every case I've seen was on 
NutraSweet and reversed when they abstained from this poison.  Dr. 
Roberts also brings out on these tapes how seizures are increasing.  He 
says the insomnia people get is from disturbed neurotransmitters.

Remember there are two amino acids in aspartame that are neurotoxic, 
aspartic acid and phenylalanine, and without the other amino acids in 
protein go beyond the brain barrier and deteriorate the neurons of the 
brain.  Dr. Roberts says this is escalating Alzheimers in his opinion.  
The most common symptom of aspartame is memory loss.

You can get Dr. Roberts' tapes by calling 1 800 -814-9800.  He also has a 
new book on his 30 years of research on Alzheimers called:  DEFENSE 
AGAINST ALZHEIMER DISEASE.  It is also on tape.  It goes into some 
interesting comments on NutraSweet, and the book has already been nominated 
for a Pulitzer!  

The jig is up on NutraSweet.  We have people on Internet, America on 
Line, and other computer systems.  We lecture, write and assist in 
getting information to the media.  I just poured out Diet Coke at a press 
conference covered by CBS.  But first I notified the President and 
Chairman of Board of Coca Cola.  We can forward you a copy of a letter to 
them by one of our people in answer to the so-called "safe tests".  We 
have research including some of the case histories taken off the net but 
its probably 250 pages long, if you want it.  We can also forward you 
instructions to the auto-responder so you can read some of the case 
histories, our warning flyer, and the history of NutraSweet aptly called 
NutraPoison!  It was written by Alex Constantine.  We also have Dr. 
Roberts position paper on aspartame and diabetes that every diabetic 
should read.  Dr. Roberts is a diabetic specialist and has been a member 
of the ADA for almost 40 years.  His abstract on aspartame reactors was 
published in Clinical Research (Vol. 36, No. 3, 1988 489 A) and the ADA 
refused publication.  It's hard to take money from Monsanto and warn 
patients that their product is a chemical poison!  Those responsible to 
solve the problem ARE THE PROBLEM.  Greed is put before the health and 
welfare of the public and isn't that criminal?

The 10,000 complaints on aspartame and further information is available 
on request.

Betty Martini
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