Postmenopousal relationship with Parkinson

Leslie Packer lpacker at
Wed Aug 23 13:21:18 EST 1995

In bionet.neuroscience Peter Hood <Peter at> said: 
>One of the interesting clues about Parkinsonism is that those who suffer
>it almost always present with an aversion to tobacco from an early age.  
Well, I made it over here <cyberthrongs cheering wildly>.  You've made some
tantalizing but somewhat sweeping statements in your post in this thread. 
I'd be interested in seeing the references that led you to make the
statement that Parkinson patients almost always present with an early
aversion to tobacco. 
>In ADHD, which has the opposite motor symptoms, children almost always
have tobacco smoking inflicted >on them, particularly before birth.  
"Almost always???"  Again, can you cite some references on this?  And do
the studies treat birth weight as a covariate that they factor out, since
we know that maternal smoking during pregnancy is linked to lower birth

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