Marsupialization thru commisurotomy

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>> : Hello, all!
>> :             The problem is naming the sole cut of
>> : the callosum, respecting indemnity of the an-
>> : terior and posterior commisures (so as to avoid a
>> : full split-brain). Naming it "marsupialization" could
>> : be of help? 
>> Only if it made the patient lissencephalic to boot.
>> Kal

>Does one grow a pouch after a commisurotomy? These patients have a lot

Not to argue for or against, but not all marsupials have pouches.

Brazilian gray short-tailed opossum!

>of legitimate names, but marsupialization would just be silly; they have
>nothing to do with marsupials; indeed, marsupials probably have pretty
>good interhemispheric transfer, just like humans who are born without
>a corpus callosum (agenesis). The full syndrome arises only when the CC is
>ablated in adulthood (or at least late in development); so marsupialization
>is probably especially inappropriate.


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