Tourrett's Syndrome Research Study

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Wed Aug 23 13:23:23 EST 1995

Could you please e-mail me more details about this study, including: 
  1.  Who is the senior investigator? 
  2.  Is this research being funded, and if so, by whom or what agency? 
  3.  What does participation involve?   
  4.  Are the participants paid for their involvement? 
  5.  Are the participants given individual feedback and the results of the
  6.  Are patients with co-morbid conditions such as ADHD and OCD excluded?

Thank you. 
Leslie Packer, PhD 
Board of Directors 
Tourette Syndrome Association -- LI Chapter 
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In bionet.neuroscience Keith Bazarnick <76516.623 at CompuServe.COM> said: 
>                      Tourrette's Syndrome Study 
>	If you or someone you love has Tourrette's Syndrome, and wish to be a
part of  
>a front running study--working with a Research Physician--please respond
>your intent to participate. All ages are welcome. 
>	What would you get out of it? A chance to find healing, balancing tools
>	What do we get out of it? A chance to define patterns amonst individuals
>work to provide balancing activities to assist with the patient's
>	These self-healing tools include things that you do now--but you could
learn a  
>new intentional focus. 
>	So if you are interested, please respond with below information for the  
>affected individual: 
>	o Name of subject 
>	o Internet address of contact person 
>	o Is subject Male or Female? 
>        o Subject Birthdate  - Day, Month, Year We need to find 20  
>participants, and then the data crunching gets underway.. 
>thank you 
>Susan (the Dr's Assistant and computer semi-literate) RSVP to  
>76516.623 at 

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