gating of movement-related neural activity ?

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Wed Aug 23 19:36:10 EST 1995

arm at helix (Andrew_R._Mitz) wrote:

;You might be interested in the motor cortex activity between the time
;a movement direction is specified and the time that a trigger signal
;has been issued.  The "excitability" has been studied using population
;vectors.  There seem to be two components during such a task.  An
;early component is associated with the animal's attention.  The later
;component (in premotor cortex at least) is associated with the intended
;direction of movement.

Thanks for this info.  As I actually record from populations of neurons
simultaneously, I may find evidence for this "population vector" in real 
time.  Also, I may be able to find out if the effects of such a "vector"
apparent in across the population, independent of the neurons showing 
large alterations in spike rate that would deem then as preparatory or
movement-related neurons.  (This is one idea that may be tested only 
using many neuron recording methods.)

Also, thanks to all who have contributed to this discussion either by way
of this group or by private e-mail.

mark laubach

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