Melatonin questions

Sunil Khemaney syama at
Thu Aug 24 05:20:23 EST 1995

We read with great interest the Newsweek article on melatonin.  We also read a 
posting from an author on a book about melatonin which indicated that in
autoimmune illnesses, the immune system is not well regulated and since there
have not been extensive studies done on humans, he included a caution in his
book for people with autoimmune problems.  In the Newsweek article, there was
the statement that recent studies suggest that melatonin may boost the immune
system and we're wondering why there might be this apparent contradiction? 

Also, we are wondering whether people with allergies and/or chemical
sensitivities would be considered people with autoimmune illnesses? 

Would you recommend melatonin for someone who has had a thyroid nodule in the
past and has some present symptoms of hypothyroidism but according to blood
tests is actually euthyroid at this time? 

Is there any relationship between taking melatonin and the cancer, melanoma?

Any help is much appreciated.  Thank you.

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