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Hello, netters!
                    I beg you admitting my return into
academic seriousness after having proposed to call
callosal commisurotomies "marsupialization". (By
the way, be not so surgically radical! It is not need-
ed going laterally beyond the taeniae tecta and the striae
of Lancisi to perform such cuts, even if operating amid a
quake; and, so, this surgical transformation has not why
to include making abdominal pouches and tinkering cortical
columns!). Surely the posted messages were smart and neuro-
scientifically interesting.

                      Sunil Khemaney mentions a Newsweek 
note on Melatonin that we didn't read here. But we had a
lot of clinical experience in melatonin neuroimmunomodula-
tion and what should be pointed out first is, that the
subject is highly complex and clinical transfers should
not be approached without a most serious study and dedi-
                      Before employing melatonin (MLT) in
patients, one of our researchers ingested twelve grams
in three weeks. He experienced no unexpected symptoms and
believes to remain fit and in good health. Now we currently
use some 20,000/25,000 times the physiological amount of
bodily MLT as daily dosis in some disease (which I ought 
not to discuss in so open a list as this to avoid premature
interpretations) with very good results and without side
effects; such daily doses were given, at most, during about
fourteen months including some four months of not-continuous
interruptions. One of our doctorands (Dr. Leila Slutzky; in
Argentina the doctorate is a degree often attained after se-
veral years as general, and even specialist, practitioner)
is now making his thesis on this subject at the University
of Buenos Aires.
                      We published a couple of reviews in
Electroneurobiologia (March/April 1994) and La Semana Me-
dica (Buenos Aires), November and December 1994, and a sy-
nopsis in the Congress of Neuroimmunomodulation in Monza
(June 1995).  With some work of my part (scanning the text,
putting it in ASCII and uuencoding it) I shall send them 
to whom be seriously interested. Of course, most of these
South American papers are not indexed in Medline or CC.

                       What can be found in such data ba-
ses are	the works by Dr. Paolo Lissoni et al., that I
strongly recommend as a basic reading for everyone interest-
ed in the clinical transfer of neuroimmunomodulation physio-
logical lore.

                       Insulin action within the brain: 
Erasmus Harland set also a most interesting subject that I
hope to see discussed in the list.

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