Neuron Emulation List (ANNOUNCEMENT)

Joseph Strout jstrout at
Thu Aug 24 10:13:03 EST 1995

ANNOUNCEMENT: Neuron Emulation List

This message is to announce the opening of a new mailing list.  Its
purpose is the discussion of "neuron emulation" -- that is, the
endeavor to recreate (in hardware or software) the functional
properties of a particular neuron or small network of neurons.  This is
in contrast to the more common neural model, which recreates the
general properties of an entire class of cells.

Upon subscribing to the list, you will receive two copies of a document
which is now out of date.  The revised versions will probably not be
posted until next week, due to personnel difficulties [read: postmaster
on vacation].  However, the latest versions can be obtained from the
Web site (below).

Also at the web site is an archive of previous messages; the list has
been open privately for a few weeks while we worked out bugs with the
listserver.  It seems to be running smoothly now, and as interest has
been spreading, it seemed prudent to make the formal announcement.

The NEL Web Site can be accessed through the following URL:
Full instructions on using the list server, as well as etiquette
guidelines and a preliminary FAQ, are available at that site.  If you do
not have access to the World Wide Web, contact me directly and I will
forward you the relevant files.

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