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Dear Doctor Bleck:  I have referred your post to Dr. Roberts for him to 
answer you. He is now on Internet.  Dr. Roberts is a Board certified 
practicing internist and an internationally known medical consultant and 
researcher.  He is on the Active Staff of Good Samaritan Hospital and St. 
Mary's Hospital (West Palm Beach), Director of the Palm Beach Institute 
for Medical Research since l964 and a member of many prestigious medical 
and scientific organizations - including the Endocrine Society and the 
American Academy of Neurology.  He has authored eight acclaimed books, 
three being nominated for a Pulitzer including his latest on Alzheimer's 
Disease:  Defense Against Alzheimer's Disease.  He has done research on 
Alzheimer's for 30 years.  In this book he goes into those single amino 
acids in aspartame going past the blood brain barrier.  (1 800 -814-9800).
He also has some excellent tapes not only on Alzheimer's but one titled: 
IS ASPARTAME SAFE?  He does go into multiple sclerosis and aspartame on 
this tape.  

Also, the neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock, goes into this in his book:

I'm going to forward you instructions to the auto-responder.  I just got 
a scanner and haven't gotten it working yet, but will add some of the 
scientific reports.  However, there are case histories you can access 
that show the elimination of MS symptoms after the diagnosis of multiple 
sclerosis was made.  I know these patients have cases of remission but no 
one I've ever seen on NutraSweet with MS has ever returned to these MS 
symptoms.  In fact, it's incredible how quickly they disappear off aspartame.

In your case, did you ask the patients if they used NutraSweet?  This has 
been the problem.  Most physicians have no idea that aspartame is a 
chemical poison or knows the history.  Incidently, there is a history on 
the auto-responder.  If you type in

info mp_

it should give you an index.  Either aspartame1 or aspartame2 is an 
article someone wrote called NutraPoison.  About 70 or 80% of this 
article is also recorded in books and articles.  It has 98 references 
although I haven't checked them out as yet.  The FDA on their April 20, 
1995 complaint report admitted to 735 cases of poor equilibrium, also 
almost 500 cases of seizures and convulsions and 230 cases of other 
neurological symptoms.  There were 201 sleep problems and these insomnia 
problems are due to disturbed neurotransmitters.  The insomnia disappears 
off aspartame.  

Because I'm on Internet and tell people to take the "no aspartame test" 
you would be surprised how many people post notes back - I can walk 
again, I can see again, etc., etc.  Some of them are just shocked when 
medical problems disappear they would have never associated with 
aspartame like joint pain (from the methanol).  Our people on American On 
Line are doing the same thing and case histories are just flowing in.  I 
do have a research paper by one of our people since he's been on Internet 
and he lists about 70 cases but I won't forward it because its about 250 
pages long, that is unless you ask for it.  

The Aspartame Consumer Safety Network has thousands of case histories, a 
great percentage the MS symptomatology.  

Dr. Roberts has about 200 publications.  I know his report on brain 
tumors and aspartame has been peer reviewed: "DOES ASPARTAME CAUSE HUMAN 

Monte (Journal of Applied Nutrition Volume 36, Number 1, 1984) he quotes 
Dr. Wurtman.  "Dr. Richard J. Wortman, Professor Neuroendocrine 
Regulation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, presented data 
to the FDA demonstrating that in humans the feeding of a carbohydrate 
with aspartame significantly enhances aspartame's positive effect on 
plasma and brain phenylalanine and tyrosine levels (48 Federal Register 
at 31379).  There are sound scientific reasons to believe that increasing 
the brain levels of these large neutral amino acids could affect the 
synthesis of neurotransmitters and in turn affect bodily functions 
controlled by the autonomic nervous system.  The proven ability of 
aspartame to inhibit the glucose-induced release of serotonin within the 
brain may also affect behaviors, such as satiety and sleep."

He says under "Acute Toxicity in Man "Toxic Syndrome": .....Patients may 
complain of lethargy, confusion and impairment of articulation, all 
frequently encountered signs in moderate central nervous system (CNS) 
intoxications resulting from other toxic compounds.

I have Dr. Wurtman's study on phenylalanine and he is a brilliant man.  
However, he did change sides.  He fought against aspartame, explained it 
wasn't a diet product, and that it causes seizure, etc.  Then he turned 
around and became a consultant for the NutraSweet Company.  I have his 
work before he changed over.  

I will be glad to mail you the hard copies of these reports if you want them.

The MS Association tells me that multiple sclerosis is escalating and 
they believe its over 500,000 cases but they don't record them - this is 
only their estimate.  I'm in Atlanta so I called the Georgia office.  

Dr. Roberts sees many cases of multiple sclerosis and has gotten them off 
aspartame.  Since he is a researcher too he can give you indepth 
information.  I'm sure he will be in touch soon.

Thank you for replying.  Regards  Betty

Betty Martini
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