Unethical practices - drug industry

JFFIII jffiii at aol.com
Thu Aug 24 19:07:28 EST 1995

Sy:  You must work for Congressman Dingle!  While you may have some
"documentation" for efforts by drug companies to keep previously
undiscovered side effects swept under the carpet, that is still a rare
albeit unfortunate event.  For every incident like you describe, dozens
more have occured as voluntary moves by the drug companies monitoring
their own products.  All major drug makers (brand name innovators) closely
monitor their products to see if any additional side effects will occur
that were not evident in the extensive clinical trials that must be
carried out before approval takes place.   I have been in this business a
long time and have seen many such incidences take place.  And, when those
rare occurences to happen such as with Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals several
years ago, they are embarrassing to us in the industry more than anyone. 
I also share your disgust when that happens.  I would ask you, however,
not to condemn the industry that is probably more reponsible than any in
the world for the good health and long life spans we enjoy, on the rare
actions of a few companies.
                                               Best regards,  John

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