Myosin light chain antibodies

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Fri Aug 25 06:58:59 EST 1995

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> Hi, Do you know of any antibodies to skeletal muscle myosin light 
> chains.  Specifically, MLC1s,2s,1f,2f,3f.  Don't care if they are polys 
> or monos but best to rodent proteins if possible. 
> Thanks in anticipation 
> Gary Coulton 
Hi there,
I would suggest contacting Prof. M.W.Kilimann, University of Bochum at the 
Department of physiological chemistry. He worked with skeletal muscle myosin 
light chains and should be able at least to provide some contacts for 
antibodys (if he could not offer them).
You can call him personally (Germany) 0234 7007927 or per Fax (Germany) 0234/

Michael Wehner.

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