Unethical practices - drug industry

Sy Fisher sfisher at utmb.edu
Sat Aug 26 08:49:33 EST 1995

john_de at ix.netcom.com (John DeFiore ) wrote:
>Sorry, I did not read your post last month, but I wonder about the
>ulcer drug Tagamet.  Seems to me I remember 10-15 years ago some
>reasearchers who found out that ulcers may be linked to a bacteria, not
>just stress and excess stomach acid.  They were ridiculed and laughed
>at.  The establishment did it's best to discredit the result. 


That's the name of the game when a company's profits are threatened by 
published research results:  try to discredit the studies as "flawed" 
or "bad science" (of course, some studies may indeed be flawed).  That's 
what Pfizer was trying to do with our Zoloft vs Prozac study (J Clin 
Psychiatry 1995;56:288-296).  

Thanks for your comments. I'm sending you a copy of the original post via 
E-Mail.  I'll also be posting after Labor Day (when many people return 
from vacation) a Part II follow-up to the original post, which you may 
find interesting.


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