Tourrett's Syndrome Research Study

Mark Odegard mlomark at
Fri Aug 25 21:16:56 EST 1995

jack at (Jack Campin) said: 
>Keith Bazarnick <76516.623 at CompuServe.COM> wrote: 
>>                      Tourrette's Syndrome Study 
>That makes two spellings so far, both wrong. 
>No organizational affiliation or credentials given,  
>just a vague capitalized title that means exactly  
>nothing.  And posted from Compuserve, home to some 
>of the nastiest sleazeballs in netdom. With no  
>verifiable street address. 
>[Followups to; I figure somebody 
> there must know whether this is on the level or not. ] 
I post extensively on a.s.t. The* hierarchy 
receives a variety of postings from putative researchers, 
usually asking that a questionnaire be filled out. 
I have posted on this topic before. Unless the poster gives 
the FULL particulars of his/her identity, academic institution, 
full snail-mail address and telephone/fax numbers, I have  
advised that such postings be summarily ignored. Why should 
personal information be given to a semi-anonymous poster? 
The permutations on the misspellings of Georges Gilles de la Tourette's
last name and the neurological disorder that bears his name are legion. The
two given here are at least immediately recognizable.

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