MFB - medial forebrain bundle

Peter Hood Peter at
Sat Aug 26 17:27:11 EST 1995

In article: <41hs0f$ikc at>  Jon Stamford <j.stamford at> writes:

> As with all neuroscience methodologies, there are good and bad people within the field.
> Voltammetry is no different and some of the worst in this field make me want to spit too.
> Still, there are some good scientists working in the field. We're not all spitoons!
> Incidentally, one applies voltage not current.

Perhaps I should have chosen my words with care, thought about it a little.
Insult was not intended, I simply paraphrased my friends words.  I think she
may even be watching, so I will continue to walk the rope... ...perhaps you
could explain a little more about voltammetry, since it appears to be your
field?  It seemed reasonable to me when it was taught to me, but as I say
there were objections.  I can't remember what these were, it's a little
while ago.  


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