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> A few thoughts on a quality independent study:

I agree with your thoughts here, with one or two modifiers as shown below.

> 1.  Start by testing a vulnerable population (e.g., Patients with 
>     chronic depression).

It would be interesting to compare a cohort of vulnerable patients with a
similar number on non-vulnerable ones.

> 2.  Use real-world aspartame-containing products, especially diet 
>     sodas (ingested in between meals).  This way the subjects will be 
>     getting a significant amount of beta-aspartame, racimized amino 
>     acids, and DKP (linked to brain tumors), and other "good stuff" along 
>     with the methanol, phenylalanine, and aspartic acid.  Products 
>     should be purchased from the store and *not* from NutraSweet.

It would also be interesting to compare the effects of aspartame alone
with the effects of the 'cocktail' you describe.

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