Unethical practices - drug industry

JFFIII jffiii at aol.com
Sun Aug 27 13:56:19 EST 1995

The accusation of drug companies deliberately withholding information
after a drug has been approved and marketed is one of those very rare but
uncalled for events I alluded to in my previous letter.  Sy Fisher states
that drug companies deliberately withhold vital information gleaned from 
clincal experience.  Again, this has happened but is so rare as to be
newsworthy.  Monitoring side effects is something all major innovators of
drugs do and voluntary withdrawals are fairly common--even when it hurts. 
There are some reported incidences that are also blown way out of
proportion by the news media which gives a distorted picture of what
actually occured.  Naturally, the pharmaceutical company is the villian!
Another comment alluding to Tagamet was brought out.  What the author of
the letter failed to mention is that Tagamet worked!  It resutled in the
healing of many ulcers, including my father-in-law's, and was much easier
to take than antacids.  Glaxo-Wellcome's Zantac also works well and is
even easier to take due to less frequent dosing.  The research that has
shown that bacteria can cause ulcers did not state excess acid does not. 
It simply points out the fact that in medicine, there are few simple
anwers.  The immutable fact is, however, if Tagamet had not cured ulcers,
gastroenterologists would have stopped recommending it long ago.
 Hope everyone is healthy.      John

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