Friedreich's ataxia Research?

JDK sherlock at
Sun Aug 27 18:50:59 EST 1995

	I am a 42-year-old male with late-onset Friedreich's ataxia, the
oldest of three siblings with the condition.  I was originally
diagnosed in 1973 at Memorial Hospital, Chapel Hill, NC.  In
1978, Dr. Alan Roses  at Duke University examined me for a few days.
In 1988 I participated in a study at The University of Michigan in
which P.E.T. scans were used.

	I'm interested in being involed in research efforts for this
condition.  I am college educated and feel, at times, somewhat
frustrated that I'm not involved in some way in research
efforts as a willing, articulate research patient.  I would appreciate
any information on volunteering for research and I hope to contact
institutions currently involved in researching FA or similar

	Please respond to my e-mail address, sherlock at

Thank you.

    J. David Kiser

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