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John W. Barron jwbarron at nando.net
Mon Aug 28 18:09:17 EST 1995

May I humbly suggest that you go back and do a little history research?
Tagamet and H. pylori involvement discovery did not occur at the same
time.  Is it fair to go back and examine sales, and sales promotion
practices which pre-dated a significant scientific discovery, which 
even today is not completely accepted by many involved in ulcer 
diagnosis and therapy.

Also, to my knowledge, Tagamet was never designed or marketed as a
"cure" for ulcers.  That was to a great extent responsible for the
constantly growing sales picture.  Every person put on the drug
remained a constant purchaser.

BTW, how about market competition?  Didn't Tagamet have a little?
Did Tagamet remain the most prescribed prescription medication 
after Glaxo began their promotional activity?

It is very easy to point to our pharmaceutical industry and sling
arrows at its faults.  But, please list for me the drugs that have
been successfully developed and used in the U.S. which came
from non-industry sources, such as universities, NIH, etc.
I would very much like to have such a list.  I think the other
readers would profit from such information, also.

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