Dismutase-Mannitol, TRIS(THAM), cerebral ischemia

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Mon Aug 28 17:24:14 EST 1995

Hello world,

we are working on a dissertation dealing with the therapeutic effects of
Dismutase plus Mannitol and TRIS/THAM during 1 h ouf ischemia and 1 hour
of reperfusion in brain tissue.

Unfortunately, there is less literature (virtually nothing) about
extracelluar measurements of potassium and pH using microelectrodes when
these drugs were administered.

Could YOU help - have YOU worked on it, or what's YOUR experiences with
this approach? We would greatly appreciate each e-mailed reply.

Hans E Heissler  (100073,2272 at compuserve.com)

Medizinische Hochschule Hannover
Neurochirurgie 7249
D-30627 Hannover, Germany

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