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> >So why is this single dose study more valid than the other single dose
> >studies that you rubbish?
> I believe that the Camfield study had flaws as well.  However, it is 
> the combination of multiple serious flaws that renders the industry 
> experiments useless.  
> The Camfield study was very focused -- studying a very specific 
> population who were not on medication.  The study looked at EEG 
> spike-wave discharge.  I am disappointed that the Camfield study did 
> not use real-world aspartame products (at the FDA ADI level) and did 
> not last for a reasonable length of time (e.g., at least 6 months).
> Even with these problems which would tend to significantly reduce 
> problems experienced from aspartame, Camfield did find significant 
> changes in the EEG measurements.

Mark, Camfield also stated that spike wave discharge on EEG does not
translate directly into severity of absence epilepsy.  I bet there are more
people on this list who could shed light on this.  The point is, even
though the change was significant, the direct conclusion about that change
is questionable.
> A few thoughts on a quality independent study:
> 1.  Start by testing a vulnerable population (e.g., Patients with 
>     chronic depression).

So, Mark are you admitting that the studies on non-vulnerable populations
(i.e. the general population) show no harmful side effects?  I mention this
because research studies only apply to those populations examined.  If we
always looked at migraine sufferers or depressed subjects, then the
conclusions could be drawn about those populations only.  Yes, those
studies should be done, but it also limits the overall conclusions.
> 2.  Use real-world aspartame-containing products

good suggestion

[other reasonable suggestions deleted]

Mark, you've put a lot of work in this.  Have you thought about sending a
letter to one of the major medical publications where many researchers
would take note of these ideas?

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