Mysterious cell type !

Lars Thomsen lthomsen at
Mon Aug 28 02:01:18 EST 1995

I'm sorry about the eye-catching title but there have been several
report from the enteric nervous system about a classified as Type 3
with the following characteristics :

No spikes
prominent fast EPSPs
Application of cAMP makes this cell type to change to a AH/Type2 (!!)

An AH/Type 2 has the following characteristics :
low input resistance
high resting membrane potential (hyperpolarized)
fires only in beginning of depolarization period
longlasting afterhyperpolarization
TTX resitant spikes
no anodal-break excitation

I would like to know if their exists well documented reports from
other systems where it has been shown that one cell type can turn into
another type within the time of an electrophysiological recording (1-4

MSc Lars Thomsen
Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University
Department of Anatomy and Physiology
Bülowsvej 13, Copenhagen, Denmark
Current research:
The enteric nervous system of porcine small intestine.

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