Snake Venom Calcium Channel Blocker

David Williams austoxin at
Tue Aug 29 00:10:01 EST 1995

We now have supplies of the voltage dependent Ca++ channel blocking toxin, 
taicatoxin (isolated from venom of Oxyuranus scutellatus scutellatus - 
Australian taipan snake venom), which selectively blocks VDCCs in cardiac 
membranes (specific to high threshold L-type Ca++ current).

See Possani L.D. et al (1992) Toxicon 30, 1343-, for details of the 
activity and structure of this toxin.

Price: US$900.00 per milligram plus freight.

Email for further information. We also produce prothrombin activators, 
presynapticly neurotoxic phospholipase A2 toxins and a range of other 
natural chemicals sourced from animal venom.

David Williams,
Managing Director - The Austoxin Group

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