Problems with DAB and heavy-metal-intensification

Markus Wallstein b10q at
Tue Aug 29 01:30:26 EST 1995

I' ve got a problem with some older of cryostat brain sections (16
micrometer thick) I've embedded in Entellan. I have made a double
labelling with DAB without intensification and DAB with a CoCl2 and a
NiSO4 Intensification. Now, after about three quarters of a year, I've
got the impression that all the intensified structures, particularly the
labelled somata, have become pale and a more brownisch colour.

The people in my lab don't have any kind of these prblems because they
are only labelling cells, that have been traced or intracellularly filled
 with biocytin. These intensified preparations seem to be stable over
very long times.

Does anybody know about similar problems with fading
intensification-products and if, wich embedding media might be better
I would be very glad about any hint.


Markus Wallstein

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