Putting all together !

Catolica - Laboratorio 5 catlab5 at CR-DF.RNP.BR
Tue Aug 29 15:05:49 EST 1995


I have been listening a lot of things about spinal cord injury,
Spinal cord regeneration,  and so on.

What about we make a brain storm about it ?

Let's try to join all the articles, all the news, all the
publications about this subject and make a  kind of  "book" with
all together.

I'd like to be the person that will put it together and send it
back to all the people that helped.

I have a very special interest in this subject.

My E-mail address is 'catlab5 at jazz.cr-df.rnp.br'

Please send me all you have (and think) about the subject.

Ricardo Ramos 
Brasilia - Brazil

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