Color mapping in visual cortex

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Shankar Ramakrishnan (shankar at wrote:

: Hi,

: I am interested in how images (especially color) are mapped in the
: occupital lobe (at the back of the head). Is the correspondence one-to-one
: between neurons and pixels in the visual field? 

No.  There is a 126:1 mapping down at the back of the retina (between
photoreceptors (pixels) and the retinal ganglia).  It is mapped one to
many at the occipital lobe.

: And are there different
: neurons for each primary color? 

I *think* this one is answered that there are sets of comparisons: 
red-green, and then the result of these with blue, plus a luminance 
component.  Then there are two distinct images sent, an on-center-
off-surround filtered image and an off-center-on-surround image, 
the latter being sent slower.

: Any info will be appreciated.

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