Neurobiotin fading

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Wed Aug 30 13:34:40 EST 1995

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>I have a question concerning neurobiotin.  I'm reacting with DAB; intensifying
>with Nickel using the Vector lab kit.  The sections are air-dried, alcohol
>dehydrated, cleared with Fisher's hemo-de and mounted with PerMount.
>Within a week, all the staining will fade out completely.  I have to photograph
>them all quite soon, as the data is lost.
>The Vector techs have never heard of it.  Does anyone have any suggestions to
>my slides from fading ?
>        Curt
>Curt Anderson
>Northern Arizona University
>Department of Biology
>cwa at

The ethanols may be having an effect on the stability of the reaction 
product. See Mesulam (1982) "Principles of horseradish peroxidase 
histochemistry...", in Mesulam [ed]
_Tracing_Neural_Connections_with_Horseradish_Peroxidase_, John Wiley and 
Sons, pp. 102.


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