MFB - medial forebrain bundle

Jon Stamford j.stamford at
Wed Aug 30 08:19:19 EST 1995

Voltammetry has actually been around in one form or another for about twenty years. In the early 
days there were problems - it was difficult to identify signals and people made rash claims about 
what voltammetry could do. Over the years, the electrodes got smaller and the scans often got 
faster. Now the methods are essentially real time and the electrodes are small enough that they 
can record intracellularly. Voltammetry measures DA, NA (NE) and 5-HT mainly nad can be used to 
measure stimulated release and uptake. It can be combined with other techniques too sucha s 
fluorescence, action potential monitoring etc.As far as I know it cannot measure  aspartame (sorr 
Betty).If you need to want to know more I can fgive you references. Despite all its initial 
teething troubles it is (in the right hands!) a good method.

Jon Stamford

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