Leucodystrophy : what's that ?

Imbeaud Sandrine imbeaud at wotan.ens.fr
Wed Aug 30 08:53:24 EST 1995


I'm sorry but I don't know if I'm in the good newsgroup for my questions.
You see, I'm a biologist and I'm looking for informations about
Leucodystrophy disease. It's damage progressivly the myelin, I believe.
I've seen a child (2 years old) who is affect by this disease. He doesn't
(in fact he can't) walk, his foots seriously warp day after day. Analysis
of blood, urine, spinal cord are OK. Researchs were investigated and
doctors confirm it was not a leucodystrophy metachromatic or a Pelizeus
Merzbacher syndrome. 

So I've some questions :
Can you tell me what else could it be ? Is this disease rare ou frequent ?
How many type does exist ? Does majority of the leucodystrophy transmit by
genetic mode : sexual or autosomique, dominant or recessive or it's
frequently de novo mutations ? Do you know any books or articles which
talk about this or a lab which work on this disease ? Finally, what
doctors could do for this child, some told us there was nothing to do, it
was irreversible ?

Thanks in advance for any informations. 

Best Regards

PS : Sorry for my poor english !!

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